Agricultural buildings

Heating animal stables

In modern farming, we care about all animals. Nowadays, it is crucial to provide them with the most optimal conditions.

Piglets shouldn’t lose body heat to the surroundings or the floor in order to enable their growth. An optimal solution is DEVIflex™ heating cables installed in the floor of the stable or farrowing pen, to ensure that the animals grow easily and obtain extra heat.

In farrowing pens, the piglets must have a temperature of up to 30˚C for the first two days. Then the temperature should be reduced gradually to approximately 18˚C over the following 4 weeks. This can be easily done by means of an electronic thermostat controlling the heat regulation. Please note that with electric heating system, you will maintain the required warmth only on the level where animals are kept.

In chicken sheds, it is also very advantageous to install electrical heating cables. Increased floor temperature will reduce the energy consumption considerably without heating the entire building.

Other advantages are a cleaner and drier environment for the chickens, which has proven to have a noticeable influence on the well-being of the chickens, including their habit of pecking each other when in unsatisfactory environments. Floor heating means not only warm conditions for animals but also limited bacteria and germs.

These are all factors that will reduce the risk of diseases and epidemics. Furthermore, the fast drying of animal droppings will make floor cleaning easier and faster when changing between two broods of chickens. Electric heating systems can be used for farrowing pens, chicken sheds, pig farms, and many other types of stables.

Seed beds

In order to speed up vegetation and reproduction in greenhouses, the soil may be heated from early spring, so the vegetation starts earlier and the harvest lasts longer. Also, it facilitates the cultivation of plants that require heat, which normally only grow in subtropical/tropical latitudes and simply need warmer conditions than those originating from colder regions.

In order to reach the necessary temperatures, electric heating cables are ideal. Additionally, if they are equipped with electronic digital thermostats and sensors, the energy consumption required for outstanding effects will be minimal.

Seed bed heating can be used in greenhouses, cutting beds, seed beds, and reproduction boxes.

Values and benefits of electric heating:

  • Energy Efficient solution (just 11W/m)
  • Extreme high pulling strength
  • Protecting against antifreeze damages
  • A long lifetime system and 20 years
  • Smart control with low energy consumption

Facts about Electric Heating by Danfoss
Electric Heating by Danfoss is energy efficient and environmentally friendly meeting your needs in various applications. It enables you great comfort and convenience whilst ensuring user friendly solutions with lasting effect and highest quality standards.

Electric heating solutions are supported by legislations in key European countries. Directives that are coming in force in the biggest European markets give the green light to the trend: use eco-friendly systems and new materials ensuring energy saving.