Silkeborg Stadium

Silkeborg Stadium – electrical field heating

Requirements for the sports fields

Professional and international sports organizations have very high standards and requirements for the sports fields. FIFA's technical recommendations include the prevention of the freezing of sports fields in the extreme winter.

This is where DEVI electrical heating solutions come in. DEVI provided new solution for Silkeborg Stadium that would prevent the field from being affected by frost.
DEVI has been involved in football field heating since 1995 and has installed the systems in over 40 playing fields.

Benefits of electrically heated sports field

Beside keeping the pitch frost free during winter, the installation of electrical heating solution also prolongs the usage in the autumn season and reduces the cancellation of games due to poor weather condition.

The electrical heating system stimulates the grass growth in cold weather conditions, increases safety for the players and reduces personal injuries. Quick installation time and reliable system with 20 years of warranty are another two features that speak in favor of DEVI solutions.

Project overview:

• Project size: 7,992 m²
• Specific output: 90 W/m²
• Installer power: 650 000 kW
• The field is covered with artificial grass, 220 pcs. DEVImat™ DSVF-90 heating mats or 80 000 meters of cable
• The advanced regulation is controlled via PT100 sensors (16 pcs) and a thermal camera (1 pc) accessible via the internet
• The new stadium was finalized in July, 2017
• The first match took place July 31, 2017

Project overview
DEVImat™ DSVF-90 220 pcs or 80 km of cables
Outdoor sensor 16 pcs
Thermal camera 1 pcs
Project size: 7.992 m 
Specific output: 90 W/m²
Installed power: 650.000 kW 
Year of implementation: 2017 
Outdoor mats