Divan Taşdelen Bakery Facilities, İstanbul

DEVI warms up the cold for the love of candies

Cold stores play a crucial rule for the food market. The freshness of foodstuff depends on the quality of cold rooms. Electrical heating solutions are used in the construction of cold stores to keep the structure in good shape for years of their work in temperatures below 0°C.

Divan Patisseries is the master chocolatier, creating handmade delicacies and the world’s most admired Turkish chocolates. Divan cares about using the highest quality ingredients and exclusive original recipes to provide its consumers with heavenly tastes.

Unsurprisingly, the highest quality solutions were chosen for refrigerating Divan products and its components. In 2014, DEVI electrical heating cables were used for Divan cold stores protection against hoarfrost. The DEVI frost protection system was installed in the cold rooms of the bakery facility in Istanbul where the total heating area is 2,000 m2.

Project Overview

Project size: 2000 m2

Total power is 50kW


DEVIflex™ 10T – 5,660 m

24 pcs DEVIreg™ 330

314 pcs Plastic DEVIfast™

Project overview

2 000m2

Heating cables
Accessories and spare parts for cables and mats